Completion is fast approaching

Bellerine Pavilion House was designed in December 2015. Tecture worked quickly and efficiently to present the project prior to Christmas 2015 and 1 year later by Christmas 2016 the home is only 1 month until completion.

The design was simple. Creating a strong structural spine that could reduce structural costs. The second level was weighted to the north to minimise shadowing impact on a small POS on the south.

The existing site was a 19th century home that was derelict, and although it would’ve been great to save, it was in complete disrepair. The design sought to replicate ideas from the existing house, by a strong horizontal break seen in the original fence and home. This also was to maintain structural sensibility by reducing steel lintels over windows. The tones blend into the heritage homes adjacent, creating a timeless home filled with exterior and interior references